Installing Freezer Drier Coil

Install the drier coil in the U-channel as shown in Fig. 13-21. Secure the drier coil to the outer shell with short strips of mastic sealer spaced approximately 6 in. apart.

Thread the drier-coil wire leads down through the wiring harness grommet in the lower right-hand front corner of the freezer U-channel. Route the wire lead to the rear of the machine compartment and splice into the service cord.

Install a length of mastic sealer, supplied with the drier coil, on the lower front flange and up to 2 in. on each side of the freezer liner. Install the bottom coldban trim and press the rear edge firmly into the mastic sealer. Then, install the remaining cold-ban trim section.

All chest models have the wrapper-type condenser attached to the inner surface of the cabinet’s outer shell. The condenser, encased with foam insulation, is not accessible for repair.

When there is evidence of an internal refrigerant leak, the evaporator (low side) and condenser (high side) should be disconnected from the system and individually pressurized and leak tested.

A refrigerant leak found in any part of the internal wrapper-type condenser (including the precooler of the freezer) can be repaired by installing an external natural draft-type condenser on the rear of the freezer. Remember that the condenser outlet line must be positioned so that it has a gradual slope downward from the point it leaves the freezer to where it enters the drier. The filter drier must be vertical or at a 30° to 45° angle, with the outlet end down so that a liquid refrigerant seal is maintained.

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