Types Of Freezers

There are two types of domestic freezers—the upright freezer and the chest-type freezer. The essential parts of the upright freezer are shown in Fig. 13-1.

Notice that the evaporator coils are built into the shelves as part of that unit. This means the shelves are not adjustable. Notice that the condenser coils (17) in Fig. 13-1 are welded to the outside of the cabinet. This prevents sweating and aids the dissipation of heat over a large surface. The primary convenience of this type of freezer is that the frozen food is visible, easily arranged, and easily removed.

The chest-type freezer provides a different storage arrangement. See Fig. 13-2. In some instances, the condenser coils are mounted on the back of the chest-type freezer.

The electrical diagram for a chest-type freezer is shown in Fig. 13-3. Note that the thermostat controls the on-off operation of the compressor. The light switch completes the circuit from one side of the power cord to the other through the light. Some models have a mercury switch that operates when the lid is up. This type of freezer does not have automatic defrost. Defrosting must be done manually.

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