Little Ice Production

1. Ambient air below 55°F.
2. Hot gas solenoid valve stuck partially open.
3. Poor refrigeration.
4. Faulty bin thermostat.
5. Too little water circulated over evaporator surface.
6. Water falling in the bin.
7. Room temperature too high.
8. Mineral buildup on evaporator plate.
9. Linted condenser.
10. Inoperative condenser fan.
11. Water continuously fills reservoir and is siphoned off.


1. Relocate unit to warmer area.
2. Replace solenoid valve coil.
3. Check and repair sealed system.
4. Replace bin thermostat.
5. Check water pump, water float,0 and for any restriction in lines.
a. Check water line parts; adjust, repair, or replace.
b. Check water pressure at supply and check water faucets.
7. Advise customer.
8. Clean evaporator plate. Recommend that a water softener be installed for the unit to end problems of mineral deposit buildup on plate and in lines and valves.
9. Clean condenser.
10. Repair or replace condenser fan.
11. Check for stuck water float; repair, readjust, or replace as necessary.

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