Refrigerator Troubleshooting Diagram

Refrigerator Centrifugal Switch

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This form of starting device is used on open drive motors. It comprises three major components: the switch contacts, the moving contact arm and the governor assembly (see Figure 41).

The switch contacts are wired in series with the supply and the start winding.

The governor assembly is mounted on the motor shaft. It consists of a spring loaded weight on a small rod. The spring loaded contact arm has a circular inclined plane extending around the shaft; this is commonly known as the skillet plate.

When the motor is idle, the switch contacts are closed. When the motor starts, the shaft rotates, gathers speed and sets up a strong centrifugal force which causes the weight to move outwards against the.spring tension. This permits the contact arm to move and open the switch contacts, thus disconnecting the start circuit.

Centrifugal switch

Centrifugal switch

As the supply is disconnected to the run winding by the action of the temperature control, the motor speed reduces and the centrifugal force weakens. This allows the governor to move in towards the shaft, contacting and depressing the skillet plate and closing the switch contacts ready for a restart.

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