Wall Mounted Ductless Air Conditioners

Another type of air-conditioning equipment is the wall mounted unit. This type of unit requires no ductwork and has a wireless remote controller. The compressor condenser unit is mounted or placed outside the living quarters. There are models from 8800 Btu/h with a SEER rating of 10.7 up to 14,600 Btu/h with a SEER rating of 10.0.

Figure 15-29A shows the wall-mounted unit made by Mitsubishi Electric. Figure 15-29B shows the remote wireless controller, which resembles the handheld TV remote. Figure 15-29C is the compressor-condenser unit. The system has a wireless remote controller that incorporates a number of features, which provide greater control and ease of use. It has a liquid crystal display (LCD) which indicates such information as mode, fan speed, and temperature selected as well as the timer setting and time remaining. It is also equipped with “I feel control” which is a feature unique to Mitsubishi Electric equipment. It allows the user to adjust the temperature exactly to the level he or she wants, simply by tapping the button that describes present conditions: too cool, too warm, or okay. The optimum temperature set this way is then memorized for immediate recall whenever the air conditioner is used again. And what’s more, the new control has been made more compact and easy to handle than even before.

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