Freezer Cold-Ban Trim

Upright models have four-piece sectional cold-ban trim strips that extend around the periphery of the freezer storage compartment. These trim strips are replaceable.

Starting at the lower corners, force the side trims toward the opposite side of the freezer as shown in Fig. 13-6.

Use a small flat screwdriver to release the cold-ban trim from the cabinet U-channel. Then, pull the trims down and out from the overlapping top trim strip. Remove the top and bottom cold trim strips by grasping one end and pulling the trim out of the cabinet U-channel.

Before installing replacement cold-ban trim, be sure the fiberglass filler insulation sections are in place. Install the bottom cold-ban trim. Squeeze one end of the trim and press the front flanges of the trim into the U-channel as shown in Fig. 13-7. Then, use the palm of the hand to press on the rear edge of trim, forcing the lock tabs on the trim over the flange of the freezer liner.

Install the right-hand and the left-hand side cold ban trims. Then install the top cold-ban trim.

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