Freezer Wrapper Condenser

All compressors have internal spring suspension with four point external mounting. The compressors have plug-in magnetic starting relays. These mount directly over the compressor Fusite terminal assembly and a separate motor overload protector.

The wrapper condenser incorporates a precooler condenser in series with the main condenser. A wrapper condenser depends on the natural convection of the room air for dissipation of heat.

The high-temperature, high-pressure discharge refrigerant vapor is pumped into the precooler condenser. This is located on the back wall of the freezer where it releases part of its latent heat of vaporization and sensible heat of compression. From the precooler condenser, the refrigerant passes back to the machine compartment and through the cooler coil in the compressor dome (where additional heat is picked up from the oil). It then passes back to the main condenser, where additional heat is released to the atmosphere. This results in condensation of the refrigerant from the high-pressure vapor to the high-pressure liquid.

Ample condenser area is provided to keep the surface temperature of the cabinet only 10 to 15°F (5.5 to 8.3°C) above room temperatures. Heat released by the condenser helps reduce the possibility of moisture condensation on the cabinet surface in humid areas. The wrapper-type condenser eliminates service calls caused by plugged or dirty condensers. For the life of the freezer, the wrapper condenser remains efficient. A filter drier is located in the liquid line at the outlet of the condenser.

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