1. Donut-shaped ice cubes
2. Hissing sound heard in the evaporator while running

If ice cubes come out too thin or too thick, the reason can be due to an out of adjustment or defective evaporator thermostat. The evaporator thermostat should have a cut-in temperature of between 31°F and 32°, and a cut-out temperature of -3°F to +10°F.

Sometimes the complaint is that the bin is full of ice and the machine will not shut off. The amount of ice in the bin is controlled by a bin thermostat or a lever-operated switch in the bin that will have to be replaced.

A linted condenser is a common reason for not enough ice production. Figure 131 is a typical wiring diagram of an ice machine. Please refer to the “Basic Electricity” section to get a better understanding of the illustration.

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