No Ice in the Bin while Compressor Runs

1. Hot gas bypass solenoid stuck open.
2. Leak in the sealed system.
3. Water supply faucet turned off.
4. Water float inoperative.
5. Water solenoid valve bad.
6. Evaporator thermostat out of calibration or inoperative.
7. Excessive use of ice.
8. Cutter grid circuit open.
9. Mineral buildup obstructing water-circulating system.


1. Replace solenoid valve coil.
2. Check refrigerant pressures; repair leak; change filter-drier and recharge.
3. Turn on faucet.
4. Replace water float.
5. Check and replace if necessary.
6. Install new thermostat or recalibrate.
7. Unit may be too small for needs.
8. Check for inoperative transformer, fuse, broken wire, etc., in grid circuit.
9. Remove mineral deposits with recommended chemicals.

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