Refrigerator Water Float Switch

In certain installations where the evaporator section was installed in the attic, an auxiliary condensate drain is used. If the main condensate drain pan should become restricted, the condensate wa­ter will overflow into the auxiliary drain pan. A float switch that has the control circuit wired through it is mounted inside this auxiliary pan. When the float rises, the switch opens and stops the unit. This auxiliary pan should be separately piped out of the attic to a place outside the structure that would be obvious when water dripped from the drain. Perhaps near the front entrance would be a good location. There if the owner of the structure sees water dripping from that pipe, he knows that his main drain line for the air conditioning is clogged. This procedure helps avoid costly ceiling repairs and per­haps damage to the furniture located beneath the evaporator section. It helps if the service technician installing a water float switch leaves a note in the condensing unit stating that a float switch is in use. The same note can leave instructions as to circuit breaker numbers or any other data would be helpful.

Run capacitors are usually located for the evaporator fan motor inside the cabinet of the evaporator section. A fan relay is also located in the same section.

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