Refrigerating Evaporators

Evaporator can be considered the point of heat capture in a refrigeration system and provides the cooling effect required for any particular application. There are almost as many different types of evaporators as there are applications of heat exchangers. However, evaporators are divided into two categories such as (i) direct cooler evaporators that cool air that, in turn, cools the product and (ii) indirect cooler evaporators that cool a liquid such as brine solution that, in turn, cools the product. Normally, the proper evaporator comes with the system. However, there may be an occasion when designing a system, so one will need to determine the requirements and select the proper evaporator from a manufacturer’s catalog or manual.

In practice, the following evaporators are commonly used for cooling, refrigerating, freezing, and air conditioning applications:

• liquid coolers,
• air coolers, and/or gas coolers.

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