Refrigerator Compressor Hot Shotting

This is another method that can be used to try to break loose a locked rotor in a single-phase compressor.

■     Make sure the start and run capacitors have high enough ac voltage rating for the new applied voltage.
■     Remove wiring from the compressor motor terminals. Double the line voltage hook-up as in Fig. 3-14.
■     Make sure the power is off while you are doing the second step.
■     If the compressor is 120 volts ac, make the line one to number two 240 volts ac. If the compressor is rated at 240 volts ac, single-phase, make line one to number two 480 volts ac, single-phase.
■     Attach a jumper from run to capacitor and a second jumper from start to capacitor.
■     Take the jumper wire off the start terminal of the compressor.
■     Turn on the higher voltage.
■     Take the jumper wire and tap it about four times (one sec­ond each, to the start terminal). Do not touch the live voltage. Be careful and hold the insulation of the jumper wire.
■     Turn off the power, then repeat the above procedure in five minutes.

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