Short-cycling means that a refrigeration unit starts and stops much more frequently than it should.

The most common causes of compressor short-cycling are (1) a weak overload protector, (2) low line voltage, (3) a dirty or linted condenser, (4) a defective condenser fan, (5) a bad pressure control (in commercial units), (6) a shorted start capacitor, (7) pressure control reaction to a restriction in the sealed system of commercial units, (8) the cut-in/cut-out set too close on the pressure control or thermostat, (9) a defective compressor, (10) loose connections—particularly at the compressor terminals, (11) an overcharged system, (12) an undercharged system (particularly one that uses a pressure control), (13) extension cord too long and/or too light for the electrical requirements of the unit, (14) a refrigerant leak in systems using pressure controls, and (15) a defective starting relay.

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