Refrigerator IC-22 Relay

This is another form of solid state relay for non-capacitor and capacitor start motors. It can be used as a replacement for the conventional types.

The normal operating temperature of the semiconductor is approximately 76o C or 170o F Therefore care must be taken when handling if the compressor is running.

Installation for non-capacitor start motors is as follows:
1. Remove the defective relay but leave the overload protector in place if it is serviceable.
2. Connect one lead of the IC relay to the compressor start terminal.
3. Connect temperature/pressure controls, fans etc. to the run lead of the compressor using the quick connector provided

For capacitor start motors, follow steps 1, 2 and 3, then adapt the compressor wiring to connect the capacitor in series.

Note that if the overload protector is an integral part of the defective relay which has been removed, there will be no overload protection for the motor. A suitable overload must be selected and fitted.
Figure 39 shows the electrical connections for an IC-22 relay.

IC-22 relay circuits
IC-22 relay circuits


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  1. Hello there
    I need to know that compressor has 3 terminals,the terminal whih is connected with relay showing with body rest are not showing so is the compressor is faulty or not,whan switching to power than relay has sound and compressor not getting start.need help in regard

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