Refrigerator Solenoid Valve

This is an electrically operated magnetic valve. It consists of a coil wound around a sleeve of non-magnetic substance. When energized, the coil carries an electrical current and becomes a magnet.

Inside the sleeve is a movable iron core, which will be attracted by the magnetic field of force to remain suspended in a midway position inside the sleeve. The iron core movement opens the valve. When the coil is de-energized, the iron core returns to its normal position to close the valve.

This type is normally closed. Others are available which are normally open; these close when the coil is energized.

Some solenoid valves have flare fitting unions, whilst others are brazed into position. It is important that the coil is removed when brazed joints are made. For optimum operation the valve should be installed in an upright position and rigidly mounted; the valve should never rely on the system pipework for support.

There are many uses for this type of valve, such as in defrost systems, multiple evaporator systems and pump-down cycles. In effect, it is used wherever it is necessary to stop the flow of refrigerant to a specific section of pipework on a particular application.

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