Condenser fan motors are used to circulate air through the condenser to cool it. They are located next to the condenser (in fan-forced condenser types) behind the compressor-compartment cover. (See fig. 56c and 57).
1. Remove the rear, lower access cover with the unit running to determine if the fan is working.
2. If not, disconnect the power supply.
3. Remove the two condenser fan motor wires.
4. Before testing the condenser fan motor, make sure that the failure is not due to lack of power reaching the fan motor.

Checking Procedure

a. Connect a test lamp equipped with alligator clips (see page 21) to the two wires removed from the fan motor. Be sure the clips are well insulated and are touching no other part of the unit.
b. Reconnect the power to the unit. If the lamp glows, the fan motor will have to be replaced. Occasionally, even a bad motor starts and runs for a while and then stops. This is due to an internal electrical short, which is evidenced by an overheated fan motor (after a few minutes of running, it feels too hot to the touch) or due to worn shaft bearings. In either case, replace the fan motor. Sometimes the fan motor shaft jams and becomes hard to turn. The shaft should turn freely without squeaking when rotated by hand; if not, replace the fan motor.

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