Dismantling Window Air Conditioners

This section lists the procedure and steps necessary to dismantle window air conditioners. The procedure can be used in its entirety or in part, according to the service required. The procedure covers only those parts of the unit that can be serviced in the field and is not a complete disassembly. By presenting a dismantling procedure, it is possible to eliminate repetition of certain steps common to many service operations. Keep in mind that individual manufacturers may recommend a slightly different procedure. In all instances, follow the instructions of the manufacturer when dismantling an air conditioner. When reassembling the unit, the steps should be reversed.

To dismantle the air conditioner, proceed as follows:

1. Disconnect the air conditioner from the source of electric supply, and remove the cabinet.
2. Remove the electric control boxes. Remove the screws that secure each box to the partition. Remove the control-box covers, and disconnect the motor leads. Remove the control box assemblies from the unit.
3. Remove the fan motor and fans. Loosen both fans, and remove them from the shaft. Remove the access panel that fits down over the cooling-unit fan shaft. Loosen and remove the motor cradle supports at each end of the motor. Lift the motor up and out.

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