Room Air Conditioners Installation Methods

After the unit is removed from the crate, the mounting frame should be located on the sill of the selected window. The window should be on the shady side of the room. If this is not possible and the unit must be exposed to the sun, then some shading of the unit should be used for greater efficiency. Awnings are most effective since they shade both the unit and window at the same time, but the awning must not restrict the free flow of air to and from the unit. The awning top must be held away from the building side so that the hot air can escape. Venetian blinds or shades are a second choice to cut down a great amount of solar heat transmitted to the room through the windows.

Before installing the unit, it should be determined first that it is the correct size for the room and that the electrical power plug is correct and adequate. Whatever type of installation is used, ensure that the location will permit proper distribution of the cooled air throughout the room (as shown in Figure 5-3) and that there is no obstruction to the outside air flow that could cause restriction or recirculation of outside air back into the unit. The installation instructions provided with the unit should be studied and followed closely. The installation information included here is only general and not intended to replace or substitute the instructions supplied with the unit. The installation should be made as neat as possible. Make certain that the unit is properly secured and that the installation is made so there is a good tight seal from the outside. It is very important that no openings are left through which rain or warm air from the outside could enter around the unit.

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