Window-Mounted Console-Type Air Conditioners

It is extremely desirable that a survey of the room is made prior to the actual installation of a console unit. Determine the most favorable location, taking into account the desirable location in the room, exposure of the window, width of the window, its height from the floor, and location of the electrical supply outlet. In this connection, it should be realized that since these types of units usually have a considerably larger cooling capacity than windowsill units, it will be necessary to install a special electrical connection from the meter or distribution panel directly to the location of the unit.

Figure 5-19 shows the installation of a typical console room air conditioner in a double-hung window. A normal installation of this type will allow the window to be opened or closed without interference from the duct or window filler panels. To completely close the window, the rain hood must be retracted. To adjust the height of the unit to obtain the necessary height for the duct outlet (windowsill height may differ by several inches), special wooden bases made up of several sections are usually employed (see Figure 5-20).

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