Compressor Removal

To remove a compressor from the unit, proceed as follows:

1. Attach a compound gage to the suction-line valve. Close the suction-line shutoff valve and run the compressor until 20 to 25 inches of vacuum is obtained. Then close the discharge shutoff valve. Before removing any fittings, crank the suctionline valve to bring the gage reading back to zero.

2. Before removing the service valves, loosen the pressure gauge and relieve the pressure in the head of the compressor. Remove the belt and cap screws holding the suction, and discharge valves to the compressor. If the compressor is to be taken away from the premises for repairs, place service valves over both the discharge and suction-line openings to prevent air and moisture from entering and oil from leaking out. Loosen the four nuts that hold the compressor to the base, and bend the tubing away from the compressor just enough to permit the assembly to be lifted out. Care should be taken not to loosen the mounting pads and washers on which the compressor rests.

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