1. Place shaft seal mount-over gear motor output shaft and push down until shaft seal mount rests flush on top of gear motor.
2. Place shaft seal with carbon faceup (spring down) over output shaft and push (gently) downward until seal nests in recess of the shaft seal mount.
3. Place rubber-coated ceramic seal (important: ceramic face down) over output shaft and push down until seal rests on carbon face of the output shaft seal. (Lubricate rubber on ceramic seal with number 06195 rubber lubricant.)
4. Place flat washer over output shaft and let rest on the ceramic seal. Push down on the washer compressing the spring on the output seal and nesting ceramic seal inside recess of shaft seal mount. While holding the seals (down) in place, put lower spacer over output shaft. Insert drive pin into hole to hold assembly.
5. Place gear motor on its side supporting end of shaft with block and tap drive pin with hammer until fully engaged. (Pin must have approximately one-fourth inch protruding on either side of output shaft.) Do not use excessive force with hammer, resulting in damage to drive pin and/or gear-motor bearings.

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