A. After the unit is disassembled, check all the parts for wear and discard worn parts. Replace bad parts with new, authorized parts only. (See fig. 131d.)
B. Lubricate the inside of coupling (number 2) with a light coating of Lubri-Plate number 630-AA. Place coupling onto the output shaft of transmission (number 1).
C. Place lower bearing (number 3) into housing (number 4). (See installation lower bearing and housing.)
D. Place housing on transmission and secure with bolts (number 5).
E. Place gasket on top of bearing.
F. Locate ceramic seal (number 7) on top of housing.
G. Install shaft seal (number 8) onto bottom journal of the auger (number 9). For proper replacement, see Shaft Seal Replacement in figure 131f.
H. For proper replacement, see Shaft Seal Replacement in figure 131f. Carefully set the auger and seal assembly down onto the ceramic seal and lower housing, and load seal.
I. Slide evaporator assembly (number 10) down over auger and housing. Use P-80 or water on the O-ring that is around the ceramic seal.
J. Secure evaporator to housing with bolts (number 1).
K. Check threaded holes in the extruding head. Make sure they are clean and moisture free.
L. Place extruding head down into the evaporator tube.
M. Treat extruding head bolts with Grade “AA” Loctite. (Loctite is a glue like substance that is used on bolt and screw threads when a lock washer is impractical or unsightly. It can be broken loose by a firm blow to the screw or bolt head. It is usually available at most hardware and sporting goods stores.) Make sure threads are clean and moisture free. NOTE: Loctite set up time is half an hour. Do not run ice maker until Loctite has time to set up.
N. Hold down on the auger and screw bolts into the extruding head through the neck of the hopper. Hand-tighten. Tighten extruding head bolts evenly and in sequence.
O. Install cutter, cutter nut, and transport tube to evaporator flange with clamp.
P. Connect ice maker to condensing unit and check for operation.

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